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Humanist, Citizen of the Earth, Visionary, Vibrational Healer, Social Entrepreneur, Well being and spirituality advisor, music therapist, water Protector, Promoter of a Culture of Peace, the Rights of Mother Nature and the Rights of the Rivers.

Founder and Co-Creator of Xicome (Music Festival to promote Peace, www.xicome.org) and President of the Institute of Music and Healing Arts for Peace (NGO). Co-founder Rios Vivos Atoyac Xicome (Rivers Alive) riosvivos.org and the Integrative Medicine and Holistic Healing Forum & Festival.

I went from an amazing career in production, public relations and communication from the likes of global brands such as Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, Louis Vuitton to set up a boutique agency for luxury brands like Emporio Armani, Mini Cooper, Habita Hotels, H Stern. Becoming also a well known DJ in the house music scene.  My love for music and its power started at a young age.

In 2004 I went through an important life experience making me reflect and decide that my knowledge and experience could be applied to benefit society on a social level and for the evolution of Humanity. Thus I commenced to explore the indigenous cultures and their profound wisdom.

During these years, I have had the honor of walking with different wisdom keepers and Elders from distinct tribes and indigenous cultures, receiving initiations in Shamanic teachings. I underwent a personal self-evolution process and have been studying techniques related to Holistic and Integrative medicine. I received a degree as a Humanistic Musictheraphist, Reiki master, SoundTouch Therapist, Sweat Lodge facilitator, integrating Eastern and Western World practices.

I have spent many years in the study of energy, vibration, sound, music and consciousness, acknowledging that science and spirituality, music and medicine are complementary and belong to a higher level of technology. 

I specialize in the art of the singing bowls and Sacred sounds with her own research linking humanistic music therapy and sound therapy and the teachings of ancient civilizations. Sharing sounds, frequencies and vibrations to awaken the memory of our connection with the Divine integrating and expanding awareness for the development of human potential reaching the deep space of the Self to raise the vibration based on universal Love.

My spiritual and human development process is based on my personal path of life, living, learning, walking, risking, falling, evolving, changing, experiencing and accepting myself in order to live in respect and in love with and for all my relations.

May all Sentient Beings Be Happy and Live in Peace.


In the beginning there was sound. Vibration, sound and energy are thus all forms of live manifested.  Open up to a shift in consciousness, in the way you relate to yourself, your environment, your surroundings, amongst others and the Universal Laws of nature to recall your Origins.



Institute of Music and Healing Arts for Peace

Born as a dream from a deep calling in my soul, I co-created a Festival of Music and Healing Arts to promote awareness through a multicultural platform.
Xicome (pronounced Shicome) signifies number seven in Nahuatl, indigenous language in Mexico.
The organization is committed to promote peace, art, science, spirituality, awareness, health and wellness, honor millinery cultures, encourage human development and spiritual growth, human rights, investigation and research, and the power of sound and music, in benefit of all sentient beings and groups of society to generate a transformation in the collective and individual consciousness and intelligence to live in harmony and a culture of peace as a Humanity.







Meditating with Sound is a profound experience that brings awareness to the here and now, in body-mind- spirit. The tones and frequencies move through the body in vibrant waves , relaxing , healing and aligning our energy centers


These sessions work on a physical , mental , psychological, emotional, energetic, spiritual and cosmic level , thus achieving an integration of all bodies to facilitate human - spiritual growth consiousness, self-empowerment , release of emotions , awareness , and harmonization , peace , among other benefits itself. We offer Tools to integrate in  your day to the day to support the processes.


Applied soundtherapy to accompany patients and families in hospitals and rehab centers allow for relieving stress, pain, expressing emotions and bringing peace and relaxation.


The temazkalli, sweat lodge, ancient ceremony, is our coming home, back to our Origin into the womb of Mother Earth. Honoring Great Spirit, the elements, and the Grandmother stones to explore yourself in the wisdom of the path of the Sacred Fire. We bring in chanting, aromas, prayer and intention , inviting you to share a moment of reflection, silence , song, healing, transformation , gratitude, celebrating life,  honoring the sacred in its own therapeutic and ceremonial work. A great honor to share this Sacred space, where the ancient energies speak tu us.



Co-creating one the most magical days on the path of Life, the Union of Souls through Divine love. Michelle offers a Universal Spiritual Union inviting all guests and the Souls being United in a circle of Intention.
Sacred Sounds, Words, Music, Prayer bringing together the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies through a collective co-creation for this Special moment.



This is a special ceremony as an Offering to Mother Earth, for All her Blessings and the new baby or blessing of life for a child. The Elements represent the walk of life and the family shares Intentions for love, good fortune, health, happiness as an Offering to Mother Earth and Great Spirit in gratitude for the new life.




Live transformational travel and experience Sacred Sites and Journey into Spirit with programs that offer a full immersion to recall, empower, evolve, heal and engage. Sacred Rituals, meditation, sweat lodge ceremony, cacao circle, teachings from Elders, silence, yoga, chikung, mud rituals, fire circles and more, All to reconnect with the Alchemy of your Own Mastery.


Contact me for upcoming retreats or to create one for your group.



An inspirational sound healing seminar....You’ll discover how sounds can help you and others. This workshop is ideally suited for therapists, health care professionals, healers, yoga and meditation teachers, or anyone keen to explore the power of sounds for healing, mindfulness and transformation.This is a hands-on training with theory and practice.



Michelle has brings sound into the traditional school of Mikao Usui , Japanese method of healing through the channeling of Universal Energy to harmonize body-mind-spirit. Reiki can be linked to what is known as Chi, Prana, stimulating vital energy. This is the beginning of the path of Universal Energy of Love.


This seminar offers a journey to attune with our own Sound. Diverse techniques will be shared as tools for our everyday use to harmonize ourselves and our relation with our the environment and Mother Earth.


Meditation through Mantra, through Bhakti, Meditation in Movement, Breathing and Ritual as simple day to day methods to live in mindfulness and peace.



A journey with the Sacred Cacao plant has a gentle manner and very deep way of working with emotions and consciousness. Awakening to our inner wisdom through remembering our Divine essence. Cacao allows us to Radiate our light as our Heart center opens and shines. You will be Accompanied through a Healing process with sound, prayers, reflections




Music is Food for the Soul, where the Language is Sound and Music, the Medicine is Love, the Intention is the Union, and the Gift is the Light, to open up to the Harmony of Life.

Michelle D Button C


Wow ! I believe some of this started with you and our beautiful women's retreat a few years ago. You opened my heart up to New ideas, new views and so much peace. I have learned so much from you and your teaching. You are a beautiful soul ! I hope to be in your presence again some day ,maybe on that sacred mountain again ! I love you sister ! Thank you for making a difference in my life !

Marijo Jacobs

"I met Michelle in Mexico City at the beginning of my journey in search for alternative ways to cure my genetic disease cystic fibrosis. Michelle introduced me to plant medicines, peyote in particular, but mostly she helped me transition to a new spiritual and holistic way to view and treat my illness. 
I did a two day retreat with Michelle - I loved the process that she designed. The first night, she did sound healing and encouraged me to write letters to my loved ones, which turned out to be a very cathartic process. The day after we spent the day preparing for the temascal ceremony and the peyote ceremony. 
What I loved the most about working with Michelle is the fact that she personalized the experience for my friend and I. She is so dedicated to what she does and has a deep psychological and spiritual understanding of people. I trusted her completely which to me is the most important criteria when working with any shaman. 
I have worked with other shamans since but I will always remember and cherish my experience with Michelle.
y. It is my pleasure to recommend this individual.”

Lea Moret

"Conozco a Michelle button ya tiene unos 10 años. En muchas ocasiones me ha dado terapia de reiki y de cuencos. He llegado con ella cansado, triste, ansioso, incluso desesperado, ella me ha tratado en todos mis estados emocionales y ha sido un canal coherente y confiable en mis sanaciones, confío en su capacidad y en su trabajo y he dejado las sesiones con ella siempre sintiendo mis chakras, sintiéndome más leve, más conectado, más en mi centro, he podido sentir mi energía fluyendo al máximo otra vez. He tenido mejores sincronías, mensajes más claros incluso en mis sueños, me he sentido más leve y revitalizado, más claro y más enfocado, me da gusto saber que puedo contar con su amistad y su apoyo y que si voy a una sesión con ella obtendré el resultado que estoy buscando".

Jacson Correia



In Service, Love and Gratitude


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